Do you know the signs of addiction?

If you read my blog last week, you’ll remember I was FLOORED by the news that a 10-year-old Miami boy died suddenly of a fentanyl overdose.  Authorities still don’t know how he came in contact with the powerful drug.  One of the articles I read about his death said that it could have been as simple as touching a towel at the pool he had been at.  Yes, you read that right.  Just touching a towel is enough to overdose on fentanyl.

But I digress.  In my blog last week, I promised every week we’d post information about how to fight addiction so I thought it would be good to start at the beginning, by learning to recognize some of the signs of addition.  This is by no means a complete list.  And if you suspect someone you know or love is an addict, you can find resources online to assist you in getting that person help.  But here are some behavioral, physical and emotional signs of addiction.

Behavioral Signs of Addiction

  • Missing work/school
  • Work/school problems
  • Missing important engagements
  • Isolating/secretive about activities
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Relationship or marital problems
  • Financial problems (always in need of money)

Physical Signs of Addiction

  • Repetitive speech patterns
  • Dilated pupils and/or red eyes
  • Excessive sniffing and runny nose (not related to a cold or allergy)
  • Looking pale or thin
  • Weight loss
  • Change in eating habits
  • Unusual odors or body odor due to lack of regard for personal hygiene

Emotional Signs of Addiction

  • Irritability/Argumentative
  • Defensiveness
  • Inability to deal with stress
  • Loss of interest in activities/people that used to be part of their lives
  • Confused easily
  • Denial
  • Rationalizing bad behavior
  • Minimization (Admitting to the problem but not taking it seriously)
  • Blaming
  • Diversion (Changing the subject to avoid discussing the topic)
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