• 12 Common Myths About Depression

    12 Common Myths About Depression

    There is a high prevalence of depression in the United States and around the world. About 300 million individuals around the world experience depression and estimates suggest that about 15% of the adult population will experience depression at some point in their lifetime. There are many myths about depression that exist today, despite the fact that depression facts and statistics are readily available. It is important to distinguish between myths and facts about depression, as common myths...
  • What is stress?

    What is stress?

    Stress is a normal human reaction that happens to everyone. In fact, the human body is designed to experience stress and react to it. When you experience changes or challenges (stressors), your body produces physical and mental responses. That’s stress. Stress responses help your body adjust to new situations. Stress can be positive, keeping us alert, motivated and ready to avoid danger. For example,...
  • How to Ease Anxiety in Children

    How to Ease Anxiety in Children

    Anxiety in children has several roots, such as family disagreements, and separation from parents and regular care-givers. Fears are common in children, but the presence of such feelings is not indicative of an anxiety disorder. Such disorders are, however, the most common form of mental disorder in children. They are manifested by extreme fearfulness, sadness or depression. Anxiety is called an internalizing disorder, because...
  • COVID-19 increased anxiety, depression for already stressed college students

    COVID-19 increased anxiety, depression for already stressed college students

    Study shows unprecedented increase in mental health challenges among undergraduates College students were more anxious and depressed during the initial outbreak of COVID-19 than they were during similar time frames in previous academic years, according to a Dartmouth study. The research also found that sedentary behavior increased dramatically during the onset of the public health crisis in early March. The study, published in the Journal...
  • Yoga for Anxiety 11 Poses to Try

    Yoga for Anxiety 11 Poses to Try

    Why it’s beneficial Many people turn to yoga when feelings of anxiety start to creep in or during times of stress. You may find that focusing on both your breath and your ability to be present in each pose can help quiet negative mental chatter and boost your overall mood. It’s all about meeting yourself where you are. Practicing one or two postures for...
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