Synaptamine and PTSD-A recovery story


I was recently asked to share my experience with Synaptamine and how it has helped me since I starting taking it regularly. I had several issues that were all resolved within weeks of starting Synaptamine: two severe phobias that included a fear of driving my car and having anger management issues  related to PTSD.

I started using Synaptamine in early 2016 at the suggestion of a psychologist I was working.  She explained that certain types of amino acids could provide the building blocks for healthy neurotransmitters, which was useful in treating anxiety, PTSD, depression, ADD/ADHD, and other conditions.

I mentioned that my PTSD symptoms were still causing significant barriers in my life, despite EMDR and ACT therapy, as well as, weekly therapy for many years. She explained that I might be experiencing an inability to integrate all the trauma work I had done because I did not have adequate levels of neurotransmitters (I had my genome sequenced and my suspicions were confirmed that I have impairments that cause abnormal neurotransmitter levels).



Her first suggestion was to try an IV amino acid infusion, but that it would cost approximately $10,000. I had always wanted to try it, but the cost put that option out of reach for me—as it would for most people. She said that the other option is an oral liquid called Synaptamine that I could take once or twice per day on an empty stomach and it was just as effective as the IV/parenteral route.

Within the first week, one of my PTSD symptoms was completely gone—a crippling phobia that caused me extreme distress to even think about for the past 33 years. The phobia was still unpleasant to think about, but after being on Synaptamine, my phobia lost its power to shock or upset me. To say that it felt like a miracle was an understatement. I had felt some degree of despair that, despite years of therapy, I still couldn’t heal this phobia. So to have it removed from my life as a problem was just unthinkable. It still isn't fun to think about, but it no longer rules my life or causes me fear and anxiety.

I also noticed that, within a week or so, my fear of driving was almost completely gone. I had been on a prescription of anti-anxiety medication for my fear of driving. Because of the neurotransmitter support that Synaptamine provides, I was able to discontinue the anti-anxiety medication, under the supervision of my doctor. Now I can drive without fear, even in heavy traffic, snowstorms, or in parking garages and I am OK with doing so. It is amazing to be able to live my life and drive like a normal person without feeling like I am trapped in a prison of fear. 

The biggest life-changing effect Synaptamine has given me is control over my anger. Dealing with irrational levels of anger and a hair-trigger temper was probably my worst PTSD-related symptom. Despite years of therapy, treatment, medications, meditation, etc., I was still completely unable to control this response even when dealing with colleagues or loved ones. It caused a lot of unnecessary strife, pain, and conflict. The relief I got from taking Synaptamine was absolutely life-changing with regard to this symptom. I tried stopping Synaptamine and this symptom returned within a week, so it is definitely essential for me to keep taking Synaptamine to maintain my serenity and peace of mind. I have a normal anger response now because of the Synaptamine, which gives me the ability to catch myself when I am becoming angry and mindfully choose a different course of action. 

Before Synaptamine, certain events would trigger a cataclysmic and irrational cascade of anger. I felt completely hijacked by anger and fear, and I didn't have the ability or time to choose a different reaction. There was always fallout from having these completely uncontrollable outbursts.

Because of Synaptamine, I now have a whole new understanding of Viktor Frankl's famous quote of "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." 

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