• Miso, spinach and kale soup

    Miso, spinach and kale soup
    Miso is a fermented bean paste that is packed with protein.  In fact, a lot of people in Japan start their day eating miso, as it is said to help jumpstart your digestion and give you energy.
  • Brain Healthy Dinners

    Brain Healthy Dinners
    Looking for some brain-healthy dinner ideas?  Look no further.  We've got a few suggestions for a quick and healthy dinner.
  • Chocolate Banana Matcha Smoothie

    Chocolate Banana Matcha Smoothie
    Tyrosine is a building block for dopamine.  And several foods, including chocolate (dark), banana, avocados and green tea are all high in tyrosine.  This smoothie recipe packs a tyrosine punch and helps when your sweet tooth is calling! Ingredients   1 cup ice 1 cup almond milk (unsweetened) 1/2 avocado, pitted 1 ripe banana, peeled (frozen is best) 1 tbsp peanut or almond butter 1 tsp matcha powder 2 tbsp cacao powder   Directions Add everything to...
  • A Day Of Dopamine Friendly Meals

    A Day Of Dopamine Friendly Meals
    Sanus Biotech welcomes Guest Blogger Giana Sirota.  Giana is a health and fitness expert and a culinary food expert.  Tune in for her posts about living a healthy lifestyle, exercise tips and amazing recipes!   Too many times, we look for a pill that can make us happier, keep our anxiety down, help us sleep or help us stay awake. But did you know there are foods that will boost your...
  • Poached egg with grilled asparagus and shaved parmesan

    Poached egg with grilled asparagus and shaved parmesan
    There is a ton of research that shows you may be able to eat your way to healthy dopamine levels.  Certain amino acids—specifically L-Tyrosine—is a precursor to dopamine.  Here is a great dopamine-friendly recipe that is versatile enough to eat at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Poached egg with grilled asparagus and shaved parmesan Ingredients: 1 egg Dash of white vinegar (for poaching the...
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