Be A Weekend Warrior


If you’re like me, the week goes something like this…wake up, shower, walk the dog, force myself to workout, work (fit in some errands during lunch), dinner, straighten up the house and climb into bed. Repeat x 5 Days.  I don’t have kids so I imagine if you do, your day is probably packed with even more running around.

But here is one thing I am a big believer in…I ALWAYS TRY TO MAKE TIME FOR SOME FUN ON THE WEEKEND!  As to do lists grow (or never end, really), and we’re barraged with email, I think everyone deserves to make some time to enjoy a few hours!  So for all you weekend warriors out there, here are some suggestions for enjoying your Saturday and Sunday.

1. Try a new sport.

After many summers of wonting, my husband and I finally decided to try paddle boarding.  We had seen people doing it on the reservoirs in our area and it looked like great exercise and at the same time relaxing.  After the first time, we were hooked.  Maybe paddle boarding isn't something you've been dying to try, but I’m sure there is something on your list!  Make this the weekend you check it off your list. 

PS…I always see parents boarding with their kids sitting in front of them on the board so grab the kiddos and give it a try!

Paddle boarding

2. Start a new book.

Summer is a great time for reading.  You can aways find a list of good “beach” reads, even if you aren’t going to the beach. If you’re not sure what to choose, ask friends on social media what they’re reading.  And it doesn’t have to be a book.  Go old school and pick up a magazine or newspaper and spend an hour reading about your favorite topic or catching up on the latest news.

Read a book

3. Have a game night.

I was recently invited to a game night party.  Admittedly, I was skeptical because I’m not really a game person, video or otherwise.  But it turns out that Monopoly + appetizers and friends = a fun night.  You can invite friends and make it a party or just turn off all your electronic devices (including TV!) and spend the evening with the family. 

Game night

4. Start and finish an organization project. 

OK I’m just going to admit, I am a big organization geek!  I get excited walking into the Container Store and I love the bin aisle at Target.  But organizing something has the benefit of—well, being organized—and boosting your dopamine.  Which is why I say start and finish a project.  It doesn’t have to be a big project.  It can be something as simple as organizing the cabinet under your kitchen sink.  Just pick one thing you can reasonably finish and go for it.


5. Take a yoga class.

Full disclosure, I am diligent about working out.  It’s not a vanity thing for me as much as it’s fighting my family history of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc.  So I’m going to say try not to wait for the weekend to find time to workout.  But make the most of two days off and get in a yoga class.  Yoga helps calm the mind, stretch out tight muscles and joints and builds strength. And it’s one hour you can put down your phone and focus on yourself. Let's be honest, there is no downside to that. 

Yoga class

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, I hope its a great one!

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