Why Sublingual?

When we started working on our new product line, Cerveau, a lot of thought and discussion went into delivery.  Yes, we did want lower shipping costs, but that’s not what I’m referring to here.  By delivery, I mean how you take Cerveau.  We considered liquid again, we looked at powder, lozenges, a traditional pill…we researched a lot of options. Ultimately, we settled on sublingual and we thought you might be interested in knowing why.

Sublingual means “under your tongue.”  Believe it or not, there is a different term for between the cheek and gums—buccal.  First and foremost, Cerveau is to be administered sublingually for rapid absorption and to avoid going through your digestive system. The space under your tongue (sublingual) and cheek (buccal) has tons of small blood vessels (AKA capillaries), which means supplements, medications, etc. can quickly be absorbed into your bloodstream without going through your digestive system.

The net-net of that explanation is most things taken sublingually work faster.  It also means you can usually take less because the supplement is more potent.  Here is why.



When you swallow a pill (medication, supplement, etc), it has to make it through your entire GI tract before going to where it was intended (in the case of Cerveau, its meant to go to the brain).  And in case you didn’t pay close attention in high school biology (no judgement, as you’ll recall I was a music major!), that means it goes through the stomach, intestines and liver FIRST.  So if you cut that traffic jam out completely, your supplement can be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and travel to where it was intended a lot faster.

The next reason we settled on sublingual is for taste.  Yes, we know, the last batch of Synaptamine didn’t have the greatest flavor so we wanted to make sure Cerveau was different!  Obviously, our focus was on the ingredients, but we want you to like the flavor too.  If you like the flavor, it stands to reason that you won’t forget to take your daily dose.  So our first flavor is—drum roll please—WATERMELON MINT.  And I can personally say, they taste great! 

We’re not done at Watermelon Mint…we’ve got other flavors in the works that will be coming out very soon, including Coconut Passion, Mango Melon and some unexpected flavors like cola and buttered popcorn.  Ok, I’m kidding. We’re not doing buttered popcorn, but you get the point; in addition to a highly effective product, we’ll make sure it tastes great too!

We’d love your suggestions!  Post your favorite flavors or flavor combinations below. You never know, we might just use it down the road!

PS. We have liquid and powder stick packs on our minds too!

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