• Testimonial Tuesday

    Testimonial Tuesday
    "I have found this product very useful and beneficial in my life. The benefits include a peaceful and calming effect with reduced anxiety and stress levels, I was able to reduce the amount of psych medications I was taking because it reduced my anger issues and mood swings and increased memory. It has carried over into my interactions and relationships. I abused my body...
  • From our customer...

    From our customer...
    I am a 53 year-old licensed architect and land planner, and have had significant problems with depression since my twenties, and seasonal affective disorder since moving to Portland, Oregon twenty five years ago. I have been prescribed a myriad of medications over the years, which were not particularly well-tolerated, or even minimally helpful to me. I began cycling, hiking and mountain climbing about...
  • Sanus Biotech Welcomes Guest Blogger Robin Bright

    Sanus Biotech Welcomes Guest Blogger Robin Bright
    South Jordan, Utah — May 30, 2017.  Author Robin Bright has joined Sanus Biotech as a guest blogger.  Bright is the founder of www.thatsoberlife.com and will share her unique perspective on the important role nutrition plays in early recovery from addiction.  She will also blog about repairing the brain after addiction and how to prevent relapse. “We are honored that Robin is joining...
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