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I am a 53 year-old licensed architect and land planner, and have had significant problems with depression since my twenties, and seasonal affective disorder since moving to Portland, Oregon twenty five years ago. I have been prescribed a myriad of medications over the years, which were not particularly well-tolerated, or even minimally helpful to me. I began cycling, hiking and mountain climbing about ten years ago in an effort to treat my mood, and have developed considerable arthritis of the knees since. Three years ago I was at the point of considering knee replacement surgery. I was able to delay surgery for the past three years by adjusting my exercise program, and by taking a lot of ibuprofen.

As it happens, I was given a bottle of Synaptamine as a gift over the holidays, on Christmas Day 2015, by a family physician who had become familiar with Sanus’ work and the role of Dopamine in pain and mood. By the next day, I was clearly feeling better on both fronts. My mood was pleasant and calm, and there was a notable decrease in the amount of pain from my knees. That night was the first in years that I slept well. I noted that I did not notice my knees, and could not even remember when I felt that way last. I didn’t wake up repeatedly to re-position myself, to adjust my entire body about the needs of my knee. On the second day after starting Synaptamine, I again noted the benefit with regard to mood and pain relief, and also noted clear appetite suppression. I felt full and content with a healthy, simple yet considerably calorie-restricted amount of food.

These benefits have continued through the past two weeks. I have noticed that I am not as upset by the irritations of daily life. The winter time cycle of pain leading to decreased activity and movement, which in turn leads to weight gain and worsened pain seems to have been stopped. I have been able to focus intensely (and joyfully!) on my work and additional creative projects. In the last week, the depression from the grey rainy weather also has not been bothersome.

I appreciate this wonderful product even more because it is **NOT** a pharmaceutical, having worked through far too many of these failed solutions. Also, it does not seem to have any unpleasant side effects.

Deep Thanks, to the Synaptamine Team!

P. Helman


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