Sanus Biotech Welcomes Guest Blogger Robin Bright


South Jordan, Utah — May 30, 2017.  Author Robin Bright has joined Sanus Biotech as a guest blogger.  Bright is the founder of and will share her unique perspective on the important role nutrition plays in early recovery from addiction.  She will also blog about repairing the brain after addiction and how to prevent relapse.

“We are honored that Robin is joining the Sanus team and sharing her experience and expertise with our customers,” said Tamara Castellano, Sanus Biotech CEO.  “Robin is honest and open about her own history with addiction and we hope her story and advice will be as inspirational to our customers as it has been to us.”

Robin speaks and writes openly about the ten years she spent in active addiction and is a voice for those who are trying to break free.

“There is so much more to living in recovery than putting down a drink or a drug. Recovery involves the whole being —body, mind and spirit. I didn’t just want to be sober, I wanted to have energy, mental clarity, and a deep sense of purpose and well-being in my life,” said Bright. “I committed the first two years of my sobriety to understanding the damage addiction caused to my brain and my body, and developing a plan to undo that damage.”

About Sanus Biotech

Sanus is where biotech meets wellness.  We are dedicated to improving lives through educating people about the effects of low dopamine. After more than 20 years of research on the “reward” gene, we have perfected an all-natural dopamine-boosting supplement that combines a patented blend of natural ingredients with cutting edge nano technology to create a powerful and effective supplement.  It’s called Synaptamine.

About Robin Bright

Robin Bright is a published author, professional writer, recovery advocate, and the founder and contributing editor of She frequently writes and speaks on the topics of cross-addiction, nutrition’s role in early recovery, repairing your brain and relapse prevention. Currently, she is opening a recovery residence for women transitioning out of treatment and is excited about implementing wellness and nutrition into her program.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Synaptamine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. As with this and other supplements, you should always check with your physician and/or pharmacists before taking Synaptamine.

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