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Testimonial Tuesday

by Sanus Biotech on 0 Comments

"I have found this product very useful and beneficial in my life. The benefits include a peaceful and calming effect with reduced anxiety and stress levels, I was able to reduce the amount of psych medications I was taking because it reduced my anger issues and mood swings and increased memory. It has carried over into my interactions and relationships. I abused my body with substance abuse and addiction for 35 years and robbed my brain of the dopamine it created naturally by creating the "feel good" effect by using drugs and alcohol.

Substance abuse strips your brain of dopamine and the ability to feel anything emotionally for a very long time. Synaptamine helps restore your brain chemistry. I used this product during detoxification and during PAWS (post acute withdraw symptoms) and it eased the discomfort immensely. Experts in the field of addiction believe this product can replace Suboxone and help addicts detox without the toxic side effects.  I really believe that this product, if taken properly, can help recovering people be successful and is a valuable tool in my recovery."

—Brian H.

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