I love Cerveau because it makes me wired. Really wired. Sometimes too much. Not like too much coffee, but like too much happiness. I like to be even. Ask my friends. They’ll all tell you I’m even; to a fault.

So I’ve found when I take Cerveau I get a lot of stuff done and this is good. Like this Blog. You are basically reading Cerveau in action.

This tasty chewable pill stabilizes dopamine levels in the brain. The company claims it improves cognition, memory, and energy.  My patients report less cravings for sugar, alcohol and addictive drugs. I think there’s a role for Cerveau in my addiction patients. Many of them use drugs to feel good, get stuff done, and improve both mood and happiness. Cerveau does this. Cerveau would be great for Post Acute Withdrawal and for those patients in early recovery.

Try Cerveau today. You’ll feel better, be happier and it can be your little secret. I won’t tell.

We’ll keep a bottle for you.

Ken Starr MD


Dr Ken Starr 

I had my doubts about this but decided to give it a shot. I currently take ADD meds but when I received these I decided to take a break from the ADD meds. First day of taking cerveau I didn't notice much but on the second day HOLY WOW! I had energy, focus, and my mood was so much better! I plan on making these part of my daily vitamin regimen. I am so thankful I found these! 

 Amazon Customer:-Shanab918

When deciding to carry Cerveau in the office, my initial hesitation was in the newness of the product and sharing the benefits with my patients who are typically sold on “time and tested” protocols rather than something that has just entered the market. However, after having many of my clients try Cerveau (I keep an open bottle on my desk), many have returned to purchase, and many have come back to purchase second bottles already, which demonstrates that the product is showing benefit.

 I had one client purchase a bottle for her husband who was suffering from anxiety and high stress at work. After having him on Cerveau for two weeks, she saw such an immense improvement, she came back and bought a bottle for herself!

 I have been pleased with the patient feedback, the taste, and how, to date, everyone who has purchased one bottle, has been back to purchase a second.

 Dr Susan Bostian:

Mom of 14 year old male:

“Initially my child was on Synaptamine and I was very tentative about the switch. The Cerveau is easier to have with me in the car, easier for my son to take, and he likes the taste. He has noticed an increase in his ability to do harder math problems in school.” I think the newer version is working a little better for him!

Dr. Susan Mattes Bostian

Integrative Holistic Health and Nutrition, PhD

Whole Food Nutrition/Hormone Specialist


From a patient

My son has been using this product for a month. He is a recovering heroin addict and this product has helped him tremendously. He feels good and is so much more balanced with his personality. He said it really has made a difference in how he feels and he will continue taking it.

Amazon Customer-William Larsen

I have tried a lot of natural products aimed at helping mood. None of them have every really made much of a difference, but this one is different. The effect was pretty immediate and obvious. This one might be a game changer right here!

Amazon customer-jsn42-March 26, 2018

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